设计师: 王新钧、刘烨 (美国纽约市)

产品材料: 不锈钢、喷塑或抛光

产品尺寸: 55 (长) x 31 (宽) x 125 ~177 (高)cm

注: 产品的高度取决于Y字模组件和数量和组合方式

     无现货时此商品生产周期为35天,设计师订购和项目采购欢迎直接联系: ye@hyfen.cn


Y-Rack is a modular coat rack system that can easily expand upward and outward by adding more Y-modules. The design inspiration comes from the shape of a traditional Asian outdoor drying rack and the natural branching phenomenon. By combining these two concepts, we created a fashionable and functional coat rack that would appeal to a range of users from an individual to a growing family. Unlike most of the coat racks that all have hanging spots spread out only from a vertical line, Y-Rack’s hanging pattern resembles a tree with branch-like hangers that bifurcates out to three dimensional space, thus allowing your clothes to be hung neatly into separate layers.

Y-Rack is created to be extra durable and last for a very long time. It is available in the starter versions with the Y-module made of reinforced plastic, or the classic all metal versions with all components made of stainless steel and zinc alloy.

Designers: Hsin-Chun Wang, Ye Liu

Materials : stainless steel, powder coating, available in White, Silver, Copper & Black Gold

Dimensions : 21.5”(l) x 12”9(w) 49”(h)~ 69.5”(h) / 55 (l) x 31 (w) x 125 (h)~177 (h)cm

*The dimensions vary according to number and combination of the modules.

* Lead time: 35 days. 

  For customized sizes or special needs, please contact the sales person in advance: ye@hyfen.cn